In the 1970's, the Mego Corporation (mee-go) was one of the largest toy manufacturing companies in the United States. Along with Hasbro's G.I. Joe (1964), & Ideal's Captain Action (1966), Mego's "fully poseable" toys paved the way for the highly articulated action figures of today.

figures, Mego produced a host of characters spanning many genres, including super heroes, pirates, knights, monsters and legends. In addition, Mego produced likenesses from many hit televesion series and films of the time, including Hapy Days, Star Trek, Moonraker, Planet of the Apes and more.

Mego Corp. closed its doors in 1983. Over the years since the company's demise, Mego action figures have become highly collectible.

Like many children of the seventies and early eighties, I grew up with Mego toys and re-discovered their magic while looking through a box of my childhood toys. Today I continue to re-collect the originals as well as customize some of my own.

I have fond memories of the role Mego action figures played in my childhood. The purpose of this site is to share those memories and the wonderful nostalgic world of Mego with everyone. Enjoy!

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